Total and natural mortality of Mugil cephalus and M. curema (Pisces: Mugilidae), in Tamiahua Lagoon, Veracruz. I. Selectivity.

Ana Laura Ibáñez Aguirre, Manuel Gallardo Cabello


Total and natural mortality were determinated. Total mortality )z) was estimated through the catch curves and natural mortality (M) through Taylor method. An study on the selectivity of the most used gill gear was made. The obtained values were the following: Z=0.27, S=0.73, M=0.106 for M. cephalus, and Z=0.85, S=0.15, M=0.160 for Mugil curema. Natural mortality rates for sexes were the following: Mugil cephalus: females=0.114; males=0.113; Mugil curema: females=0.156; males=0.213. Selectivity for M. cephalus was I=323 mm (mesh size gill 35 mm) and I=257 mm for M. curema (mesh size gill 30 mm).

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Total mortality; natural mortality; selectivity; Mugil cephalus; Mugil curema

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