Age determination of Encrasicholina purpurea Fowler (Pisces: Engraulidae) based on otolith analylis

Xavier Chiappa Carrara, Manuel Gallardo Cabello, Margarita Caso Chávez


In this study, an analysis on the development of sagittae of the Hawaiian anchovy, Encrasicholina purpurea, from Kaneoha Bay, Oahu, Hawaiian islands, is presented. Eight age-groups are established by the analysis of daily growth increments. Morphology and a four-step growth of the sagitta in relation to body length, are described. The width of the concentric daily growth rings decreases as fish grow, fast-growth rings are wider than slow-growth ones. The time of the formation of the first daily growth ring is determined. Development of daily increments is related to metamorphosis of larvae and the gonadic maturation of adults.

Palabras clave

Ageing; Encrasicholina purpurea; sagitta

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