Penshell Atrina oldroydii (Bivalvia: Pinnidae) in the Gulf of California

Sergio David Leal-Soto, Reina Castro-Longoria, Ramón Héctor Barraza-Guardado, Martha María Del Río-Salas


The genus Atrina is a cosmopolitan bivalve mollusk, but the distribution of the different species is probably dependent on ecological characteristics, such as specific habitats.The northern limit of the geographic distribution of the penshell Atrina (S.) oldroydii Dall, 1901 is the Panamic Province in Bahía Magdalena, Baja California Sur, even though it is from San Pedro, California. In this work, we report a new penshell bank of A. oldroydii on muddy substrate at 30-m depth, about 29-km, from Bahía de Kino, Sonora Mexico, at 3 to 14 organisms per m2 with maximum length of 319 mm. We concluded that the species encompasses a new record, not previously reported to the inner waters of the Gulf of California.

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Atrina oldroydii; Gulf of California; new record; Pinnidae.

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