Seasonal fluctuation of Rotifera of a tropical lake in Amazonia (Acre River floodplain, Brazil)

Erlei Cassiano Keppeler, Alzenira Jacob Serra, Lisandro Juno Soares Vieira, Jardely Pereira de Oliveira, Maralina Torres da Silva, Maria José Alencar dos Santos, Antonio Sergio Ferraudo


The tropics are centers of biodiversity of Rotifera that are highly variable and abundant, that play a key role since they are link in the interaction network with members of other communities. In this work, we consider four season periods: rainy, very rainy, dry and very dry based in rainfall. Between 2008 and 2009 Rotifera were sampled monthly with plankton net in qualitative and quantitative sampling, and seven limnological variables were recorded at three sampling stations along the lake. We found 23.6% from of a total of Rotifera listed for Amazonia. The high Menhinick index revealed a high species dominance, except in the rainy season. The Shannon index not showed a greater distribution of organisms independent of the layer, and time season. In general, the equitability index showed that all species were equally abundant in all the seasonal seasons, with higher values in surface and middle of the water column. Significative differences for the Rotifera were found between the rainy and dry seasons, but only in the bottom. The limnological variables also showed differences between all the seasons in at least a layer of the water column. The fluctuations in the communities of Rotifera of Amapá lake was influenced by the season periods, that determined a different pattern of distribution of species over time.

Palabras clave

Abundance; oxbow lake; seasonal; zooplankton.

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