Evaluating the efficacy of commercially available aflatoxin binders for decreasing the effects of aflatoxicosis on Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei

Mireya Tapia-Salazar, Oscar D. García-Pérez, Martha G. Nieto-López, David A. Villarreal-Cavazos, J. Gamboa-Delgado, L. Elizabeth Cruz-Suárez, Denis Ricque-Marie


Feeding aflatoxin-contaminated diets to shrimp juveniles reduces feed intake and growth rate, suppresses the immune system, causes hepatic lesions, and, in some cases, decreases survival rates. There is scarce information on the effectiveness of commercially available aflatoxin binders to reduce aflatoxicosis in shrimp. Goals. We investigated the effect of corn that was naturally contaminated with aflatoxins on the growth performance and nitrogen retention efficiency of white shrimp juveniles L. vannamei and the potential of three commercially available anti-aflatoxin additives. Methods. 20 tanks (60L) were stocked with 10 shrimp weighing 210±4mg. Tanks were divided into five treatments with four replicates each. Shrimp were fed twice daily with either the contaminated diet (75 ?g kg–1 total aflatoxins), the contaminated diet supplemented with 2 g kg-1 Aflabalan®, 2 g kg-1 Mycosorb®, and 2.5 g kg-1 Mycoflix plus®, or the uncontaminated diet to the control group for 42 days. Results. In terms of the diet containing aflatoxin without binding agents, the consumption, growth rate, and nitrogen-retention efficiency were significantly lower than the control treatment. The experimental diets did not affect the feed conversion ratio or survival rates in any treatment. The inclusion of any of the aflatoxin binders evaluated in the present study did not produce growth rates comparable to those of shrimp fed the uncontaminated diet. Conclusions. Aflatoxins decreased growth performance in a population of white shrimp juveniles L. vannamei. Although all the aflatoxin binders evaluated in this study caused an improvement, they were not effective in reversing all the negative effects caused by feeding aflatoxin-contaminated diets to white shrimp juveniles L. vannamei.

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Aflatoxin; aflatoxin binders; Litopenaeus vannamei; shrimp

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24275/uam/izt/dcbs/hidro/2017v27n3/Tapia

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