Length-weight relationship and relative condition factor of the Stone Scorpionfish Scorpaena mystes in the central area of the Gulf of California, Mexico

Ulianov Jakes-Cota, Arturo Tripp-Valdez, Francisco O. López-Fuerte


Background. In recent years (since 2012) there has been an increase in the commercial exploitation of Scorpaena mystes Jordan & Starks, 1985 in the central area of the Gulf of California and there is no information on the basic biology of this species that serve as a basis to determine the current population status and, in the future, assess any changes associated with exploitation and environmental factors. Goals. Determine the length-weight (LWR) and length-length (LLR) relationships, and the relative condition factor of S. mystes. Methods. Fish specimens (n = 258) were collected monthly from May 2015 through April 2016 in waters off Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur. Each fish was measured for standard length (SL) and total length (TL), and weighed (W). Results. LWR and LLR were highly significant (p <0.05) with a determination coefficient higher than 0.9. The b-value (b = 3.06) of LWR was not significantly-different from 3. Monthly variation in the relative condition factor was also significant (p <0.05) with the highest value in August (1.34). Conclusions. The growth of S. mystes is isometric. The monthly variation in the condition factor may be associated with maturation of the gonads of the species.

Palabras clave

Condition factor; isometric growth; LLR; LWR; Scorpaena mystes.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24275/uam/izt/dcbs/hidro/2017v27n1/Tripp

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